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The show about what it's really like to start a business in the Canadian Prairies.

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Each episode of Start Podcast, host Margaux Miller interviews the founders of successful start-ups from the Canadian Prairies. Making tech and innovation accessible for all.

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26 – How to Create an App Business

A Conversation with Denis Devigne & Kyle Sierens of VidDay

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25 – The Complexities of Start-Up Life

A Conversation with Matt & Amanda of ioAirFlow

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24 – Mindfulness in Education

A Conversation with Kailey Lefko & Josianne Barnabé of Educalme Inc.

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23 – Finding Your Place in a Niche Industry, XR and VR

A Conversation with Lesley Klassen and John Luxford of Flipside XR Inc.

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22 – Trucks, Mods, and Lifestyle Branding

A Conversation with Mitchel Matthews of Adrenaline Offroad

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21 – Finding Your Role as a Leader

A Conversation with Duncan Jessiman and Polly Craik of Vexxit

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