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A brand new podcast highlighting startup success in the Canadian Prairies.

Hosts and siblings Matt and Margaux Miller interview founders to share their stories of success, failure, and lessons learned as they launch and grow their businesses right here in the prairies.

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  • Had such a great conversation with the ladies of the #HueCrew as a panelist at  @SwishCoCreate. This space just feels special the moment you walk in. And the women who call this their workspace are so lovely and brilliant - and made us feel great! .
 Speaking of wonderful women in business, @rochelle_squires was on our panel and it was really interesting to hear her explain that over 150 years and out of 800 representatives, she is only the 60th woman. Her story of being a mom and tackling politics is so empowering. Check out @ilikehue to watch the full episode and gain further appreciation for the struggles women have faced in business but also the great successes. ✊
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With powerhouse business woman and mom @lizjcrawford at the helm, this space @swishcocreate has such a wonderful vibe and community feel. - Looking for beautiful space rental? Contact them to inquire or have a tour of our space on Corydon! 💕🎥
  • Episode #11 - International Modeling, Advocacy, & Supporting Women in the Community - A Conversation with Elizabeth Crawford, Swish.💡
🎙️ This week on Start Podcast, the Millers speak with the dynamic Elizabeth Crawford, Founder of Swish Productions, Swish Model Management, and new co-working space Swish Co-Create. Liz speaks about the organic journey from International Modelling to CEO of multiple companies spurred by passion and advocacy. When it comes to starting a business, the Swish brand is willing to commit resources to fill gaps in the market based on intuition. Liz focuses on social connections to help build her brand and support others in the community. .
For links to additional resources and book recommendations from Liz, visit 💡 Link in bio. ☝️ Listen to the full episode now on all major podcast platforms by searching "Start Podcast". 🎙️
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  • "When did you decide to go all in with startups? (vs. a standard 9-5)" - asks host Matt Miller. . 
For Steven, it was after reading The 4 Hour Work Week. For Matt, he is "on the side of passion in the process". The product matters sightly less to him than the process of making it happen. He is an expert at running a process and bringing new concepts to life. He believes it's important as it helps to ensure you don't get too wrapped up in your original idea, which could end up sidetracking the true needs of the company. .
Matt and Steven have had other successful start-ups in the past. One of which sold a new product to 55 countries in 45 days with hundreds of thousands in sales. They do admit however that at he beginning, it actually looked like it was going badly. .
Steven says that sometimes you might feel like the world is ending, but it all goes by so fast.  Matt adds that he is kind of "anti-excitement" now because there is always a challenge coming up around the corner. Even if it looks like it's starting off well, don't back off. As Steven says about those moments: "this is the time to put your nose to the grindstone and work hard to get it done." . 
What do you do when trying to move your start-up forward and things get tough? Comment below. 👇
  • #ManitobaBiz Feature .
If you haven't met Manitoban @reena.sud yet, you should. Just read this recent post she put up and you'll be convinced. She's changing her story and is a great role model for anyone looking to take on a new challenge. She's doing something for others, while also doing something for herself. Challenging herself. And it's inspiring... #wpgbusinesswoman #mbbiz #Repost
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“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”
I love this Gretzky quote. This has been my mantra for the last few months. I’ve been experimenting with different ideas...collaborations, product launches, face to face events. I have to admit, it’s a lot of work 😅 Not that I expected any less
🏒My biggest “shot” will be our upcoming charity event Femme Fortified
⛸The goal: meeting local women, giving back to the community, AND sharing our company and story with those who I meet along the way
🥅 Score? This was a risk for me. It’s not directly related to promoting mattresses, however I see so much value in the concept. I know consistent hard work and consistent exposure will help us slowly grow
⭐️Take risks. Just go for it. Even if 20% of your ideas work, that’s growth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m often nervous and anxious when I experiment with ideas, but my support system seems to keep me going 💕
  • @BryceGoNorth says it well: 🗣️ "Great things in business are never done alone. They are done by a team of people who embody the same drive and goals. 
With my many projects, I get the opportunity each day to work with people who are inspired to change the world. Remember to surround yourself with those people who encourage you to succeed." - Askja Tech founding team member Bryce North, Manitoba Canada .
 Listen to the whole #AskjaTech story on episode 10 of #STARTpodcast. Available on all major podcast platforms - just search "Start Podcast Miller".
  • Episode #10 - NHL Athlete Safety, Innovative Foot Protection, and Founding Multiple Start-Ups - A Conversation with Steven Pham & Matt Olson, Askja💡
🎙️ This week on START Podcast, we speak with Steven Pham & Matt Olson, Founders of Askja, an innovative protective technology company focused on skate armor for hockey players. Their custom fit carbon fiber gear was quickly adopted by the NHL due in part to the founders’ extensive networking efforts within Manitoba. They discuss prototype testing with the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets and the surprisingly low barriers to entry. When it comes to starting a business, Askja would rather ask forgiveness than permission. This mentality has proved successful in the fast paced world of innovative tech. . .
For links to additional resources and book recommendations from this week's guests, visit 💡 Link in bio. ☝️ Or listen to the Askja episode now on all major podcast platforms by searching "Start Podcast". .
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