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A brand new podcast highlighting startup success in the Canadian Prairies.

Hosts and siblings Matt and Margaux Miller interview founders to share their stories of success, failure, and lessons learned as they launch and grow their businesses right here in the prairies.

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Episode 7 – Careers, Quirks, and Becoming a LinkedIn Top Voice

The Millers speak with Kerri Twigg, Founder of Career Stories, about combining arts and business, playing the long game, and using LinkedIn for marketing. They discuss Kerri’s contributions to a best-selling book, and her work to become a LinkedIn Top Voice. When it comes...

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Episode 6 – Cheeky Candles, Playful Corporate Values, Perfumery, and the Junos

A Conversation with Amanda and Tom of Coal and Canary Candle Company

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  • Don't you love a good office space? Today working in an open space has become such a common trend. These guys at @relishnewbrand in Winnipeg do it right with this rustic @the_exchange_winnipeg building. Do you love where you spend your work day?
  • Kerri Twigg on a panel right after her @tedxwinnipeg talk at the June 2019 event! From @startpodcast to the TED stage, we are happy that our community is excited to hear @careerstorieskerri's message and feel her energy and enthusiasm.
🎙️ You can hear Kerri's podcast episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and more! Just search "start podcast". 🎙️
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I LOVE being interviewed. I love it as an entrepreneur & I loved it as a job seeker. This was a post-talk panel &’I loved it. 
Here’s why: I know & am in confident in what I am and what I am not. 
I don’t see it as a place for people to try to trick or intimidate me. They’re just trying to get to know me & understand why I do this work. 
The more you know your story & tell it consistently, the further you get. And the more comfortable you get.

It does help to have a container for your story & the most important one for your interview is being able to answer “Tell me About Yourself.” Once you know this one, every other question is a breeze.

I made a new masterclass on how to answer this & how hiring people assess it — link is in my profile. I break the answer down for you + do a sample, so you can hear it for yourself.  See you there! 
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  • Episode #7 - Careers, Quirks, and Becoming a LinkedIn Top Voice | A Conversation with Kerri Twigg, Career Stories💡
🎙️The Millers speak with Kerri Twigg, Founder of Career Stories, about combining arts and business, playing the long game, and using LinkedIn for marketing. They discuss Kerri's contributions to an Amazon best-selling book, and her work to become a "LinkedIn Top Voice". When it comes to starting a business, she believes in merging your passion with your business, and always remaining true to yourself. Kerri advises us to find our "career stories", the days where we were really happy at work, and to let the traits used those days serve as a guide for our career. (Listen to the episode to really understand this process!)
For links to career resources from Kerri, visit 💡 Link in bio. ☝️ Or listen to her episode now on all major podcast platforms by searching "Start Podcast". .
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  • Don't go in wanting to be CEO and make millions of dollars. You're going to hustle. You're going to make nothing. You are going to have to work harder than you've ever worked before, before you see any rewards. You have to be prepared for that and enter for the right reasons. - says Tom Jansen of @coalandcanary
Co-Founder Amanda adds: do your homework to see what organisations are available locally to help you. She accessed the Peer Spark Program through the Women's Enterprise Centre and speaks highly of the value it brought her while developing her entrepreneurial self. .
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So proud to have been featured in the #GirlBoss issue of @SwishWpg Magazine! Brains, Beauty and Bad-ass determination, the #BossBabes in this issue are breaking boundaries every day. Swish asked many of us the secrets of success and what inspires us to keep on climbing. Get the scoop from some of their favourite local SHE-E-O’S (and read my article too 😅) by visiting the online magazine here:
  • Adore the energy and enthusiasm that these two founders bring to every interaction! Listen to their story of what it's been like to start a business in the Canadian prairies, and what's next for the dynamic duo! • • • • • •
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#tbt to that time @tom_janz and I spoke at the @gemconference about Getting Sh*t Done! ❤️
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