This week on Start Podcast, host Margaux Miller speaks with Mitch Bowler, Founder of Evolve Artist, a business that takes a unique and modern approach to Art Education – changing the way art skills are taught and delivered allowing students to develop professional level art skills in under a year – from home. With students in 37 countries, this revolutionary service allows anyone from beginners to advanced artists to remotely study the foundations of art – complete with supplies mailed to your door and virtual mentorship. All of which could not be timelier than during Covid-19.

Evolve’s founder explains the joys of bootstrapping, the benefits of systems thinking, and the key of always assuming 100% responsibility. When discussing growth of the business, Mitch shares tips for keeping expenses low, breaking through, and baking in your word of mouth.

If you want to simply learn how to get it done – this episode is for you!

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