This week on Start Podcast, host Margaux Miller interviews Lesley Klassen and John Luxford, Co-Founders of Flipside XR Inc. (once called The Campfire Union), a real-time animation and XR broadcast company – and creators of Flipside Studio, a virtual production software for animation companies. Think of it as a television studio inside of virtual reality that is used to make animated content.

Flipside’s founders talk about choosing to work in a niche industry, difficulties raising capital, and managing team emotions using VR. Lesley and John share their story of almost being acquired by one of tech’s Big 5, as well as what it is like to work with major brands like VR headset manufacturer Oculus.

If you are a tech start-up hoping to catch the attention of tech giants, then don’t miss this episode!

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

0:28 to 8:45                 The Story of Flipside

8:46 to 11:39               How to Work with Big Tech Companies

11:40 to 14:20             Creating Accessible Technology

14:21 to 19:06             Working in a Niche Industry – VR Animation Explained

19:15 to 24:13             Raising Capital – Why They Failed

24:14 to 28:54             Almost Being Bought by One of the Big 5

29:00 to 31:23             SPEED ROUND

31:42 to 34:06             Covid-19 Effects on XR / VR Market

34:07 to 39:54             Mental Health & Managing Emotions Using VR

39:55 to 45:17             Start-Up Competitions and Manitoba Support Agencies

45:18 to 52:40             The Future of Flipside and Their Recommended Resources


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