This week on Start Podcast, host Margaux Miller interviews Kailey Lefko & Josianne Barnabé, Co-Founders of Educalme Inc. – creators of a series of tools to help teachers bring mindfulness and social-emotional learning into their classrooms through a bilingual online program called Educalme Classroom.

Educlame’s two female founders explain the benefits of mindfulness for youth and adults alike, and how finding it changed their own path. They describe the experience of selling to the education market, choosing to create a bilingual resource, and overcoming ‘shiny object syndrome’ in your marketing.

If you are curious about exploring mindfulness for your children, yourself, or your classroom, then this episode is for you.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

0:30 to 4:26     The Story of Educalme Inc.

4:27 to 8:36     Mindfulness for Youth & Teachers

8:37 to 17:55   Marketing / Selling to Educators

17:56 to 20:58 Mental Health Support During Covid-19

20:59 to 23:09 SPEED ROUND

23:17 to 25:44 Shiny Object Syndrome; Learning from Failure

25:45 to 31:24 Using Mindfulness to Overcome Stress and Grow

28:18 to 29:47 Kailey Walks You Through an Easy Mindfulness Exercise for Stress

31:25 to 37:07 Pulling a Salary and Bringing an Idea to Life

37:08 to 39:11 Women’s Enterprise Centre and Other MB Supports

39:12 to 42:10 Business Awards – Are they worth applying for?

42:11 to 44:47 Being Business Women in the Prairies

44:48 to 48:21 The Future of Educalme and Their Recommended Resources


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