27 – How to Scale Across Canada and Get a Deal on Dragons Den w/ Catherine Metrycki of Callia Flowers

Jan 25, 2021 | Canada, Manitoba, Season 3, Technology

Kicking off season 3, we speak to Catherine Metrycki, Founder of Callia Flowers. We cover how she launched and grew her tech business which has reimagined the way we send flowers. 

We discuss her deal on Dragons Den with Manjit Minhas, which has since provided the support necessary for Callia to be able to open all across Eastern Canada (to be now in 55 cities). And Catherine shares with us some of her experiences in improving customer service and mental health as a leader.  

If you’ve ever wondered how to scale a business, or whether Dragons Den is worth it – than this episode is for you! 

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • 0:33 to 6:08 Meet Catherine of Callia Flowers
  • 6:09 to 8:34 Mentorship & Support
  • 8:35 to 11:47 Trusting Yourself & Jumping In 
  • 11:48 to 13:50 Learning How to Fail    
  • 13:51 to 19:03 Branding & Experience 
  • 19:04 to 25:08 Dragons Den Deal
  • 25:09 to 28:09 Mental Health as a Business Owner
  • 28:10 to 30:40 Capital & Investment
  • 30:41 to 34:27 SPEED ROUND
  • 34:28 to 38:25 Team Growth & Female Leadership
  • 38:26 to 48:57 Scaling Across Canada
  • 48:58 to 51:45 Launching a Sister Company
  • 51:46 to End Support Resources & What’s Next for Callia


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