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Canadian Birch Co. on Start Canada Podcast

32 – Navigating a New Food Business w/ Glenda and Rory Hart of The Canadian Birch Company Ltd.

Meet Glenda and Rory Hart, Co-Founders of the Canadian Birch Company. They create products from organic birch sap and craft the world’s finest pure birch syrup.

In this episode, Host Margaux Miller taps into the ins and outs of the birch syrup industry, inquiring into dealing with food products and getting into retailers, and garners advice for working with programs like the Scotiabank Women Initiative.

If you are starting a food based business and you want to skip some hurdles of learning the hard way – then be sure to catch this episode!

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EP31 of Start Canada Podcast with the founder of 204 Meal Prep

31 – Starting a Meal Kit Subscription Box Company w/ Anthony Halyckyj of 204 Meal Prep

Meet Anthony Halyckyj, the Founder of 204 Meal Prep – a subscription box meal kit company that delivers convenient meal options direct to your door. In our conversation, Anthony shares with us the hurdles of the subscription business model, the experience of purchasing his main competitor, and even some tips for eating healthy.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the ins and outs of a subscription box meal prep company – then this episode is for you!

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30 – Small Business Funding, Grants, and Mentorship w/ Michelle Leona of Wolseley Kombucha and Caroline Ksiazek of Futurpreneur Canada

Meet Michelle and Caroline, two business leaders from either side of the entrepreneurship coin. From the start-up side, Michelle Leona is the Owner and Head Brewer of Wolseley Kombucha – a women-owned and operated business kombucha brewery. From the support side, Caroline Ksiazek, the Regional Lead in the heart of Canada for Futurpreneur – Canada’s only national, non-profit organization that provides financing, mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18 to 39.

Our guests provide great tips on how to leverage the power of your network and use mentorship to get ahead, as well as tips for securing grants and funding for your Canadian business.

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Manitoba Technology Accelerator

29 – Building a Start-Up Ecosystem w/ Marshall Ring of the Manitoba Technology Accelerator

Meet Marshall Ring, Founder and CEO of the Manitoba Technology Accelerator – an organization that helps to commercialize disruptive technologies into businesses ready to scale nationally and internationally. Our host picks Marshall’s brain on what it’s like to grow a start-up ecosystem, some exciting success stories from the Canadian prairies, and some really important insight advice for anyone looking to participate in an accelerator.

If you’re curious about what it takes to start your own start-up hub or if you are looking to join one – then don’t miss this episode!

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ep 28 darcy ataman cover art

28 – Starting an International Charity w/ Darcy Ataman of Make Music Matter

Featuring Darcy Ataman, the founder and CEO of Make Music Matter – an organization using a unique form of music therapy to help survivors of conflict and trauma.

Darcy shares about his background as a music producer, what it’s like to start an international charity from the heart of Canada, and how his innovative program created and scaled in partnership with Nobel Laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege now operates in 8 countries around the world.

If you want to learn about starting an international charity, or the possibilities of using music for healing, then don’t miss this episode.

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Note: this episode contains stories about conflict and post-conflict zones and topics may be sensitive for some listeners.

Callia Flowers on Start Canada Podcast

27 – How to Scale Across Canada and Get a Deal on Dragons Den w/ Catherine Metrycki of Callia Flowers

Kicking off season 3, we speak to Catherine Metrycki, Founder of Callia Flowers. We cover how she launched and grew her tech business which has reimagined the way we send flowers.
We discuss her deal on Dragons Den with Manjit Minhas, which has since provided the support necessary for Callia to be able to open all across Eastern Canada (to be now in 55 cities). And Catherine shares with us some of her experiences in improving customer service and mental health as a leader.

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VidDay founders on Start Canada Podcast episode 26

26 – How to Create an App Business

Watch Episode 26 of Start Podcast featuring Denis Devigne and Kyle Sierens, the founders of VidDay – a web app business that creates personalized video montages as gifts.

cover art episode 25 ioairflow

25 – The Complexities of Start-Up Life

Episode 25 of Start Canada Podcast features Matt Schaubroeck and Amanda San Filippo, Co-Founders of ioAirFlow – a software company focused on ‘green’ commercial buildings.

They discuss the experience of changing co-founders, finding personal balance in start-up life, and the entrepreneurial impacts of Covid-19.

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educalme ep24

24 – Mindfulness in Education

Episode 24 of Start Podcast features Kailey Lefko and Josianne Barnabé, Co-Founders of Educalme Inc. – creators of a series of tools to help teachers bring mindfulness and social-emotional learning into their classrooms through a bilingual online program called Educalme Classroom.

flipside ep23

23 – Finding Your Place in a Niche Industry

Episode 23 of Start Podcast features the founders of Flipside XR – a real-time animation and XR broadcast company almost purchased by one of the Big 5.

adrenaline offroad ep22

22 – Trucks, Mods, and LifeStyle Branding

Episode 22 of Start Podcast features Mitchel Matthews, the founder of Adrenaline Offroad – a mods and accessories start-up for truck enthusiasts.

vexxit ep21

21 – Finding Your Role as a Leader

Episode 21 of Start Podcast features Duncan Jessiman and Polly Craik, the founders of Vexxit – an online marketplace for professional services.

salonscale ep20

20 – Hair Salons, Technology, and Female Leadership

Episode 20 of Start Podcast features Alicia Soulier, the founder of SalonScale – a bluetooth technology to allow hair salons to calculate hair color costs in real time.