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VidDay founders on Start Canada Podcast episode 26

26 – How to Create an App Business

Watch Episode 26 of Start Podcast featuring Denis Devigne and Kyle Sierens, the founders of VidDay – a web app business that creates personalized video montages as gifts.

ioairflow founders on episode 25 of Start Canada Podcast

25 – The Complexities of Start-Up Life

Episode 25 of Start Podcast features Matt Schaubroeck and Amanda San Filippo, Co-Founders of ioAirFlow – a software company focused on ‘green’ commercial buildings.

educalme ep24

24 – Mindfulness in Education

Episode 24 of Start Podcast features Kailey Lefko and Josianne Barnabé, Co-Founders of Educalme Inc. – creators of a series of tools to help teachers bring mindfulness and social-emotional learning into their classrooms through a bilingual online program called Educalme Classroom.

flipside ep23

23 – Finding Your Place in a Niche Industry

Episode 23 of Start Podcast features the founders of Flipside XR – a real-time animation and XR broadcast company almost purchased by one of the Big 5.

adrenaline offroad ep22

22 – Trucks, Mods, and LifeStyle Branding

Episode 22 of Start Podcast features Mitchel Matthews, the founder of Adrenaline Offroad – a mods and accessories start-up for truck enthusiasts.

vexxit ep21

21 – Finding Your Role as a Leader

Episode 21 of Start Podcast features Duncan Jessiman and Polly Craik, the founders of Vexxit – an online marketplace for professional services.

salonscale ep20

20 – Hair Salons, Technology, and Female Leadership

Episode 20 of Start Podcast features Alicia Soulier, the founder of SalonScale – a bluetooth technology to allow hair salons to calculate hair color costs in real time.

solarskyrise ep19

19 – Start-Up Funding, Accelerators, and Clean Tech

Episode 19 of Start Podcast features Scott Russell, the founder of SolarSkyrise – a data analytics company that provides architects, engineers, and real estate owners with data to generate new revenue streams from unused vertical real estate on buildings.

obby khan ep18

18 – Obby Khan on Restaurants, Relationships, and Supporting Local

Episode 18 of Start Podcast features Obby Khan, the founder of online marketplace GoodLocal.ca, and restaurants Shawarma Khan and Green Carrot Juice Co.

evolve artist ep17

17 – Art, eLearning, and 100% Responsibility

Episode 17 of Start Podcast features Mitch Bowler, the founder of Evolve Artist – a business that takes a unique and modern (and virtual) approach to advanced Art Education.

m3 aerial ep16

16 – Drones, Entrepreneurship, and Education

Episode 16 of Start Podcast features Matt Johnson, the founder of M3 Aerial – a prairie start-up providing specialized aerial imaging services and certified training for advanced drone pilots across North, Central and South America.

wingman player consulting ep15

15 – Hockey, Agents, and How A Pandemic Affects Athletes

Episode 15 of Start Podcast features Carson Shields, founder of Wingman Player Consulting – a Winnipeg-based hockey advisory service and player agency.

bitspace dev ep14

14 – VR, AR, and New Tech During a Pandemic

On episode 14 of Start Podcast, host Margaux Miller interviews the founder of Bit Space Development Ltd – an interactive digital media studio focused on developing high quality Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences.

12 – Commercials, Pricing, and Perseverance

On episode 12 of Start Podcast, host Margaux Miller interviews Noah Palansky and Jordan Davis, co-founders of Taiv, about their advertising tech company that turns commercial breaks into marketing opportunities through their hardware and software ad replacement solution.

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8 – Charity, Gambling, and Technology

On episode 8 of Start Podcast, host Margaux Miller interviews Nicholas Tenszen, Co-Founder of Funding Change, about starting a charitable online gaming business in Canada. They discuss the hurdles of regulations, his focus on not for profits, and his take on tech and starting out.

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7 – Careers, Quirks, and Becoming a LinkedIn Top Voice

On episode 7 of Start Podcast, host Margaux Miller interviews Kerri Twigg, Founder of Career Stories, about combining arts and business, playing the long game, and using LinkedIn for marketing. They discuss Kerri’s contributions to a best-selling book, and her work to become a LinkedIn Top Voice.

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Intro – START Podcast

Welcome to START Podcast. A podcast hosted by siblings Matt and Margaux Miller, bringing you in-depth interviews with founders of startups in the Canadian Prairies. START Podcast has a goal of supporting the innovation economy in the prairies by featuring stories of...

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