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Season 3 of Start Canada podcast launched January 2021 and features interviews with start-up founders, innovators, and thought leaders from the heart of Canada who are challenging the status quo, scaling their business, and bringing new ideas to life!

Bi-weekly interview style episodes focus on the tough questions about their journey and detail the ways of thinking that have led these Canadian founders to success. Tune in with host Margaux Miller to learn exactly how they did it – and get some great tips so you can too.

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Kicking off season 3, we speak to Catherine Metrycki, Founder of Callia Flowers. We cover how she launched and grew her tech business which has reimagined the way we send flowers. We discuss her deal on Dragons Den with Manjit Minhas, which has since provided the support necessary for Callia to be able to open all across Eastern Canada (to be now in 55 cities). And Catherine shares with us some of her experiences in improving customer service and mental health as a leader.

If you’ve ever wondered how to scale a business, or whether Dragons Den is worth it – than this episode is for you! For full show notes and resources directly from our guests, visit our Episodes page and be sure to Subscribe Now on YouTube. 

Host Margaux Miller interviews Denis Devigne and Kyle Sierens, Co-Founders of VidDay – a web app business that creates personalized video montages as gifts. Since 2015, their app has been used in over 185 countries to celebrate all special occasions.

Built from the start as a social enterprise, they give back to the world by donating to different not-for-profits with every video made. These two founders discuss the process of developing a custom app, growing a scalable online business, and working in the online gifting industry.

On a personal level, they share some lessons from the rapid growth learning curve they experienced during Covid-19, and how they set up to build a social enterprise from day one. If you’ve considered developing an app business, check out this episode for first-hand tips!

If you are curious about exploring mindfulness for your children, yourself, or your classroom, then this episode is for you.

In Episode 24 of Start Podcast, host Margaux Miller interviews Kailey Lefko & Josianne Barnabé, Co-Founders of Educalme Inc. – creators of a series of tools to help teachers bring mindfulness and social-emotional learning into their classrooms through a bilingual online program called Educalme Classroom.

Educalme’s two female founders explain the benefits of mindfulness for youth and adults alike and how finding it changed their own path. They describe the experience of selling to the education market, choosing to create a bilingual resource, and overcoming ‘shiny object syndrome’ in your marketing.

In Episode 23 of Start Podcast, Host Margaux Miller interviews Lesley Klassen and John Luxford, Co-Founders of Flipside XR Inc. (once called The Campfire Union), a real-time animation and XR broadcast company – and creators of Flipside Studio, a virtual production software for animation companies. Think of it as a television studio inside of virtual reality that is used to make animated content.

Flipside’s founders talk about choosing to work in a niche industry, difficulties raising capital, and managing team emotions using VR. Lesley and John share their story of almost being acquired by one of tech’s Big 5, as well as what it is like to work with major brands like VR headset manufacturer Oculus.

If you are a tech start-up hoping to catch the attention of tech giants, then don’t miss this episode!

In Episode 22 of Start Podcast, host Margaux Miller speaks with Mitchel Matthews, Founder of Adrenaline Offroad – a mods and accessories start-up for truck enthusiasts, and since turned full-fledged ecommerce and lifestyle business.

Adrenaline Offroad’s founder provides tips for growing a YouTube audience and navigating eCommerce sales versus being a lifestyle business. Mitchel offers advice on how to set goals and how to attack digital marketing for start-ups.

If you are looking to grow your own lifestyle business focused on a niche industry or if you just love trucks and mods and want to get to know Mitchel Matthews – be sure to check out this episode!