30 – Small Business Funding, Grants, and Mentorship w/ Michelle Leona of Wolseley Kombucha and Caroline Ksiazek of Futurpreneur Canada

Mar 8, 2021 | Canada, Fitness & Nutrition, Manitoba, Product, Season 3, Service

Meet Michelle and Caroline, two business leaders from either side of the entrepreneurship coin. From the start-up side, Michelle Leona is the Owner and Head Brewer of Wolseley Kombucha – a women-owned and operated business kombucha brewery. And Woman Entrepreneur of the Year nominee for the last 3 years running. From the support side, Caroline Ksiazek, the Regional Lead in the heart of Canada for Futurpreneur – Canada’s only national, non-profit organization that provides financing, mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18 to 39. 

Our guests provide great tips on how to leverage the power of your network and use mentorship to get ahead, as well as tips for securing grants and funding for your Canadian business. 

If you’re 18 to 39 and looking for tips to grow your business, tune in to this episode to hear first-hand anecdotes from both the start-up and the support agency on how best to work together and leverage available resources.  

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • 2:02 Meet Michelle Leona, Founder of Wolseley Kombucha
  • 6:30 How Futurpreneur Canada Can Help Your Business (if you are aged 18-39)
  • 9:44 Your Time Investment When Applying for Grants and Loans 
  • 12:28 What To Do When You Are Ready to Start Your Business
  • 15:45 Tips for Retail Success 
  • 21:15 Food Business Trends during the Pandemic 
  • 26:20 SPEED ROUND
  • 31:09 What Futurpreneur Looks For, re: Lending
  • 34:30 Varied Canadian Funding Explained (ps. some come with mentorship!)
  • 38:03 How to Leverage Canadian Grants
  • 45:40 Leveraging Networking and Mentorship
  • 53:02 The Future of Wolseley Kombucha and Futurpreneur

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