This week on Start Podcast, host Margaux Miller speaks with Mitchel Matthews, Founder of Adrenaline Offroad – started in 2017 as a mods and accessories start-up for truck enthusiasts, and since turned into a full-fledged ecommerce and lifestyle business.

In this episode, Adrenaline Offroad’s founder provides tips for growing a YouTube audience and navigating eCommerce sales versus being a lifestyle business. Mitchel offers advice on how to set goals and how to attack digital marketing for start-ups.

If you are looking to grow your own lifestyle business focused on a niche industry or if you just love trucks and mods and want to get to know Mitchel Matthews – be sure to check out this episode!

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

0:26 to 4:43                 The Story of Adrenaline Offroad

4:44 to 7:26                 Starting a Business at 19 Yrs Old

7:27 to 8:46                 eCommerce Sales vs. Lifestyle Business on YouTube

8:47 to 10:49               How to Succeed on YouTube

10:50 to 13:37             How to Navigate Partnerships and Suppliers

13:48 to 17:09             Selling from Canada to the US – Online vs. Wholesale

17:10 to 18:48             Buying from China During Covid-19

19:45 to 21:40             Speed Round

23:00 to 25:00             Keeping It Real in Customer Service

25:05 to 27:18             Mental Health in Business – Focus on Your Goals

27:19 to 31:13             High School vs Entrepreneurial Education

31:14 to 33:27             How to Set Goals and Keep Learning

34:40 to 37:10             Digital Marketing Tips

39:30 to 41:56             Resources from Mitchel and How to Get in Touch


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