37 – Business, Balance, and BIPOC Beauty Brands w/ Felicita Ovadje of Felicheeta Artistry

Jun 14, 2021 | Canada, Health & Beauty, Manitoba, Season 3

Meet Felicita Ovadje – a practicing attorney and freelance makeup artist. With an eye for excellence, she identified a gap for products designed for people of color in the North American beauty industry and decided to be that change. Founded in 2014, Felicita launched Felicheeta Artistry – pivoting in 2020 to become both an ecommerce and a brick and mortar space for customers to find makeup brands owned by people of color, created for women of all skin tones.  

Felicita is passionate about the success of Immigrants and persons of Colour; she is focused on  playing her part by creating a one-of-a-kind retail store promoting BIPOC brands in a safe space. Her dream is to have a store in every city in North America.

In this episode, Felicita Ovadje speaks about the evolution of beauty products for people of color, about balancing her passions, and provides great tips (both legal and otherwise!) of things to consider when starting a business. 

If these topics call out to you, then don’t miss this episode of Start Canada Podcast with the COO and founder of Felicheeta Artistry. 

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • 0:33 to 9:44 Meet Felicita Ovadje of Felicheeta Artistry
  • 9:45 to 12:40 Growing up with overachievers 
  • 12:40 to 17:42 Finding balance in life and business
  • 17:43 to 22:10 Learning from loss 
  • 18:50 to 22:10 Defining your brand
  • 23:20 to 29:23 Relationships with BIPOC makeup brands
  • 35:08 to 37:00 SPEED ROUND
  • 37:01 to 44:36 Big Goals and Being Grateful 
  • 44:37 to 49:40 Opening a brick and mortar store vs ecommerce only
  • 49:41 to 55:25 Tips to starting a business
  • 55:26 to 58:22 Makeup tips – Keep lipstick off your mask

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