34 – Finding Friends and Building Business w/ Katie Hartle of FriendMatch

May 3, 2021 | Canada, Manitoba, Season 3, Service, Technology

Meet Katie Hartle, Founder and CEO of FriendMatch – a unique company that is exactly as it sounds – think online dating but strictly for platonic friendships instead. In a time where loneliness is at an all-time high, Katie has built a community over 100 countries to help tackle just this, answering the question “How to Make Friends” for more than 5 million people – and counting. 

In this episode, we cover the human side of business, how to build a lean start-up, tips for growing a community, and so much more. If you have an idea you believe in – be sure to catch this episode to be inspired to get started today!   

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • 0:33 Meet Katie Hartle, Founder of FriendMatch
  • 5:50 Validating Your Idea
  • 8:00 Evolution of the Online Dating Industry
  • 14:55 Current State of Loneliness 
  • 22:20 SPEED ROUND
  • 25:30 Dragons Den
  • 31:40 Building a Lean Start-Up
  • 38:30 Balancing Businesses and Life
  • 45:25 Giving Back to the Community
  • 52:08 The Future of FriendMatch 

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