38 – Starting a Social Enterprise and Leading With Love w/ Amy Tung of I Am Love

Jun 28, 2021 | Arts and Culture, Canada, Manitoba, Season 3

Meet Amy Tung, Founder of I Am Love – a social enterprise that is constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to help our community thrive. Launched in 2018, the primary premise of I Am Love was to create jewelry with meaning, created by youth and sold to raise funds for local charities. On top of that, they’ve helped many organizations to build, execute, and accelerate their fundraising success.

Amy’s calling has always been around reaching out and supporting others, including smaller local charities who lack the necessary funding. Spreading love was always her goal. And the organization was growing rapidly – until it came to a screeching halt in 2020. 

Now their focus has changed to helping the community at a grassroots level. Taking note of the many vulnerable people – and women specifically – who lost their sources of income during the pandemic, they have pivoted from a fundraising-first model, toward providing more support from the ground up. They now work to create employment opportunities and skill building in the post-covid-19 job market, for women facing barriers. 

In this episode, CEO and Founder Amy Tung speaks about her personal journey starting a social enterprise, pivoting due to Covid-19, and how her community minded focus led to genuine personal growth. 

If you are curious about what it’s like to start a social enterprise, or have simply been dying to get to know Amy Tung, don’t miss this episode of Start Canada Podcast with the founder of I Am Love!

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • 0:33 to 6:54 Get to know Amy Tung and I Am Love
  • 6:55 to 12:45 Going all in as a social enterprise 
  • 12:50 to 15:30 How the Pandemic led to new support
  • 15:31 to 19:25 Combating the stigma of mental health
  • 19:26 to 23:35 Empowering women with work 
  • 23:40 to 26:40 What is love?
  • 26:45 to 29:15 The power of being curious 
  • 29:16 to 32:30 Evaluating your relationship to money 
  • 32:40 to 35:00 SPEED ROUND
  • 35:01 to 44:10 Feedback and networking with the right people
  • 44:11 to 47:44 Getting started and staying intentional
  • 48:45 to 53:55 Learning to accept praise and the entrepreneurship journey
  • 54:30 What’s next for I Am Love and Amy Tung 

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