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The show about what it's really like to start a business in the Canadian Prairies.

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Each episode of Start Podcast, host Margaux Miller interviews the founders of successful start-ups based in the Canadian Prairies. Making tech and innovation accessible for all.

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20 – Hair Salons, Technology, and Female Leadership

A Conversation with Alicia Soulier of SalonScale Technology Inc.

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19 – Start-Up Funding, Accelerators, and Clean Tech

A Conversation with Scott Russell of SolarSkyrise

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18 – Obby Khan on Restaurants, Relationships, and Supporting Local

A Conversation with the Founder of GoodLocal, Shawarma Khan, and Green Carrot Juice Co.

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17 – Art, eLearning, and 100% Responsibility

A Conversation with Mitch Bowler of Evolve Artist

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16 – Drones, Entrepreneurship, and Education

A Conversation with Matt Johnson of M3 Drone Training Zone

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15 – Hockey, Agents, and How A Pandemic Affects Athletes

A Conversation with Carson Shields of Wingman Player Consulting Inc.

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