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Each episode of Start Podcast features an interview with the founder of a successful start-up based in the Canadian Prairies. Yes that’s right! We have amazing companies coming out of these flat lands and we think you should know about them. Join us to celebrate the amazing people and businesses starting up here in the middle of this great country – from tech, to beauty, to everything in between. 

Hosts and siblings Matt and Margaux Miller speak to the founders of local start-ups to share their stories of success, failure, and lessons learned as they launch and grow their businesses right here in the prairies.

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  • Passion plays a very important role in the ultimate success of a business. "Entrepreneurial passion" catalyzes full-blown emotional experiences, complete with engagement of brain and body responses. - Cardon 👉 This is what Carly Schuler has when she talks about Hoot Reading. her passion comes out in her answers and her body language and is certainly a critical component of her success. it is easy to want to follow someone when you know that they believe in the work that they're doing. Congratulations Carly and Maya for guiding the way in the evolving era of eLearning. And thank you for being a part of our live podcast taping at @Tech_Manitoba's #DisruptedFuture. • • • • • •
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We are only a few days away from hearing our Co-Founder and CEO @carlyshulerkoz take part in a panel discussion at the Disrupted Conference! The conference is taking place on January 30th and 31st at the @rbcconvctrewpg powered by the @rbc Future Launch program.

You won't want to miss out on joining Carly and other great leaders talking about the culture and impact of today's technology industry. Get ready to feel inspired and connected at this year’s conference!

Make sure to register at @tech_manitoba clickable link in their bio or visit to learn more! We can't wait to see you there!

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  • "We're competing on a world stage from Winnipeg", Jay Myers from @bold_commerce explains while live on stage at #DisruptedFuture. All four guests on this unique episode of Start Podcast spoke to the fact that they are competing globally and succeeding because of what our city and province have to offer. They included things like tax credits, as well as the ability to pay for 200 staff at the same rate you would pay around 50 staff if you were located in Silicon Valley. there are differences that set our city apart. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of what they are. This is a great episode to do just that, as well as learn about codifying culture and promoting diversity in tech. 🎙️ Find your favourite platform to listen to the full live taped episode by clicking on the link in our bio. ☝️
  • Before the live taping, we coached these four amazing founders to "have a conversation on stage", explaining that a podcast is different than a regular panel and that we wanted a dynamic discussion. These leaders of tech companies from the Canadian prairies did not disappoint! Bright minds prompted well can yield wonderful insights. The conversation was real and engaging and we can't wait for you to hear the live taped episode, applause and laughter and all, out on all major podcast platforms now! Just search "Start Podcast" or use the links in our bio here. ☝️
  • Wow. An amazing tech conference and a wonderful experience doing our first ever Live Podcast taping! Thanks @tech_manitoba for having @startpodcast on stage with such amazing guests: @bold_commerce @farmers_edge @hellohootreading and @obs_global at #DisruptedFuture
  • Kicking off #DisruptedFuture this year with the amazing #TheInnovators gala by @Tech_Manitoba!! Amazing to hear CDO @AlfredoTan from @WestJet speak tonight hosted by @JonErlichman! ✈️ #BellLetsTalk @Bell_MTS
  • Truer words have never been spoken. We need to challenge ourselves, because this is how we grow. And if you don't light that fire under yourself, or take that opportunity that's right in front of you, you'll miss out. Simple as that. Don't let fear or doubt get in the way. 💡 We tried this, and look what happened. ➡️ Next week #StartPodcast will be live on stage at #DisruptedFuture taping our first ever Live Podcast! And we can't wait! 😁 Thank you to @Tech_Manitoba and all the conference sponsors tagged here who made this possible. 👏 Push Yourself.

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