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Welcome to the website for Start Podcast! The show about what it’s really like to start a business in the Canadian Prairies. 

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Each episode of Start Podcast features an interview with the founder(s) of a successful start-up based in the Canadian Prairies. Yes that’s right! We have amazing companies coming out of these flat lands and we think you should know about them. Join us to celebrate the amazing people and businesses starting up here in the middle of this great country – from tech, to beauty, to everything in between. 

Hosts and siblings Matt and Margaux Miller speak to the founders of local start-ups to share their stories of success, failure, and lessons learned as they launch and grow their businesses right here in the prairies.

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  • We want to try to give some shout-outs and support to the Prairie Start-Up Community during this time of need. Remember to support local as much as possible!

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Intro – START Podcast

Pilot Episode – Protein Powder, Crickets, and Getting Started

Episode 2 – Dragons’ Den, Diversification, and Everything Eyebrows

Episode 3 – Mobile Oil Changes, Franchising, and Full Disclosure

Episode 4 – Body Positivity, Health at Every Size, and Growing Alongside Her Body Inclusive Gym

Episode 5 – Hopping into a New Career, Brewing Strong Relationships, and Crafting Quality Beer

Episode 6 – Cheeky Candles, Playful Corporate Values, Perfumery, and the Junos

Episode 7 – Careers, Quirks, and Becoming a LinkedIn Top Voice

Episode 8 – Charity, Gambling, and Technology

Episode 9 – E-Commerce, Series A Funding, and Large Growth from a Small Town

Episode 10 – NHL Athlete’s Safety, Innovative Foot Protection, and Founding Multiple Startups

Episode 11 – International Modeling, Advocacy, and Supporting Women in the Community

Episode 12 – Commercials, Pricing, and Perseverance

Episode 13 – Trains, Driverless Cars, and Reducing Transportation Delay

Episode 14 - Live! From Disrupted – Scaling Tech Companies in the Canadian Prairies

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  • Our show partner @northforgemb has collaborated with awesome local businesses @permissionclick and  @idfusionsoftware over the past week to bring you 👐👐👐 is a new province-wide online platform ready to empower local communities to come together and provide grassroots assistance during the COVID-19 crisis. 👵🧓🏾👩🏻👩🏿👨🏼👴🏾👱🏻‍♂️👳🏿‍♀️ The new free app will follow #Manitobans to ask for assistance when they need groceries, medication, emergency snow clearing and various other necessities.
🛒💊❄️ It is also a volunteer services portal where anyone who is willing to pitch in can offer their services and time.


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  • Your favorite Canadian prairie startup podcast is getting ready to launch SEASON 2!

Margaux was back in the studio yesterday recording the intro and outro of Start Podcast's second season with @johanheinrichs at Ark Podcasts.

New episodes will be airing soon!

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  • Resilience means knowing how to cope in spite of setbacks, or barriers, or limited resources. It has to do with your emotional strength during and after trying times. Control, connection and contribute. We can all be resilient together.
  • What an amazing day at the @wtm_winnipeg International Women's Day conference at @cloakroomwellness in the Exchange District in Winnipeg. The ladies running this event we certain to bring together women from a variety of STEM backgrounds to talk about careers in tech and growth opportunities in our city. Thanks @wtm_winnipeg for having our host @margauxamiller on your panel about using social media for job search. And to Sheila Harris shown here for sharing her brave story as female minority on her journey in the tech and ag industry - discussing her struggles in the past to the amazing supportive team she now has at @farmers_edge. 🥰 #iwd2020 #internationalwomensday
  • Wow. Launch Coworking just opened their second space in Winnipeg and it is stunning! Located at 167 Lombard Ave, it comes outfitted with cozy little nooks, cool seating, a funky faux grass area, and glass-door beautiful offices. And maybe the most popular part last night was the large marble bar at which we had beverages as part of the @TechWpg @Tech_Manitoba event. If you haven't been to their spaces yet, now is the time! They've got options no matter your working needs. And I'm sure would be happy to give you a tour. 🙌 Right @launch.coworking?
  • If you are looking for career advice, check out this repost of our host Margaux Miller at the recent Superwoman Conference in Brandon. 👭
@Tech_Manitoba Program Director Margaux Miller speaks at many events for member organizations. Here are a few of her take-aways:⠀ ⠀
- Don't worry about having a linear five year or ten year plan⠀
- Sometimes the most amazing opportunities come when we least expect them⠀
- Be open and worry less about having a perfect plan⠀
- Share your passion and work hard - put yourself out there. Good things will come.⠀
- Believe in yourself, and ask for what you want
  • "I am energized by people who are passionate about what they do. Surround yourself with those kind of people and you'll grow together." - Margaux Miller, Superwoman Conference by the @bdnchamber. 👭 What a great day of building up the women leaders in our communities. Was wonderful to be included in a panel talking about my journey with leadership and what makes me tick. I love connecting people and learning from passionate leaders in their own field. That's partly why we started the podcast. Because learning is invigorating and because connecting people to other great humans doing great things, is a wonderful feeling!


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